Results Pest Management offers wildlife removal services in the form of live trapping and relocation, in addition to exclusion services to keep others from re-entering your home. Whether you have a squirrel, raccoon, or possum in your attic space or a snake or skunk in the yard, Results Pest Management can take care of your unwanted wildlife problems. Call Jay at 817-860-7378 for a free inspection and quote today.



Most of our calls start with something you’ve seen or heard.  This means a live animal that can be captured.  We are generally successful in trapping live animals.  Live animals are easier to relocate and clean up after.


Almost all of the animals we find are wild animals that are meant to be outdoors. Once we’ve captured a live animal, we’ll bring it to an open area where it can find food and shelter far away from you or your neighbors.

Clean Up

Once the animal has been relocated, there’s typically a need to clean up after it. This includes nesting material, waste, and any foodstuffs it has gathered. We are typically able to handle it, but a long-term resident may require a referral to a biohazard specialist.

Exclusion Services

Once they’re out, the goal is to keep them out!  This generally means boarding up a hole, or otherwise filling in a space that an unwanted guest has used to invite themselves into your home.  Again, we handle most of these ourselves and have trusted referral partners we recommend for larger issues.


Results Pest Management are experts when it comes to removing critters from your home. We also know local laws and ordinances so that neither the homeowner or Results Pest creates a bigger problem by killing a protected animal or relocating it somewhere it shouldn’t be.

Insured and Bonded

Our staff is insured and bonded, so you can be confident anytime we’re in (or under) your home.  Should we have a problem while we perform our services, we’ll be covered.


Wildlife Removal Services

Results Pest Management has removed many snakes, raccoons, possums, rats and more over the years. We recently helped to capture a ringtail coti in Fort Worth. It was kept as a pet but got too big for the homeowner to handle, and one of our long-time clients found it staring at her through her kitchen window! Another neighbor had reached out to the zoo, but ultimately Jay made the capture! You can now see this neighborly visitor on display at the Fort Worth Zoo.



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